conceived with love, crafted with precision

Bearing testimony to the House of Flourish commitment to an unparalleled experience in product design, each piece of jewellery passes through multiple stages of hi-tech production and fine creative rendition by expert artisans with a keen eye and tireless skills. They merge to make magic.

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step 01: responsible sourcing

Every step of the way, we work to ensure responsible practices. We procure select gemstones from trusted suppliers who comply with our traceability, quality, social and environmental standards.

step 02: breathing life into creativity

The first stage in the development of a sensational piece from the House of Flourish is ideating and creating hundreds of sketches before the design is approved for modelling. We create stimulating and inspiring environments for our kaarigari to work in, that allow imagination to take wings and natural creativity to flow freely. A gouache sketch is then illustrated by an expert with a sharp eye for detail and a steady hand.

step 03: working on the specifications

This is provided to a CAD designer who then works on the technical aspects of the illustration. A concrete vision of the final creation acts as a bridge between the designer’s imagination and the kaarigar’s rendition.

step 04: artistry of setting

The transition of the creative idea to reality is a path that necessitates research and deliberation within the workshop. We believe that our people are our most valuable assets, so we make certain that our workshops uphold the benchmark standards for safety, cleanliness and a productive, welcoming environment.

The kaarigar then begins work on the ghaat or structure of the jewellery. To give form to the many components of the jewellery, numerous metal pieces are precisely honed and joined. The concept takes shape, the curves take form and a holistic and harmonious architecture emerges.

step 05: soldering

Almost every piece of fine gold jewellery we make is soldered due to the complexity and uniqueness of its design. Using a smaller and thinner torch, soldering is a process whereby the artisan gently attaches the smaller gold segments in order to create a durable and beautiful piece of art. The final structure is welded, and the jewel’s mount is fixed into place whilst making sure to retain its flexibility. This structure will then house the various carefully-cut stones, bringing to life an artwork of precise proportions.

step 06: polishing

Polishing is the last thing we do before handing it to the quality control experts. Polishing is a delicate operation that occurs at several stages during the manufacturing process. Rotary wheels and soft muslin are the gentle tools that enhance the lustre. This process is carried out several times before and after setting, it helps to reveal the sheer beauty of the stones.

Aglow with our signature finish and having passed multiple quality checks, the House of Flourish piece that is conceived at the designer's table and finally brought to your door, is the very best in terms of design and guaranteed quality.

And just so that you enjoy the House of Flourish advantage . . . we bring you 100% certified jewellery! With Love.

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